Young Conservatives willing to donate small portions of time to help elect conservatives.  Chance to make big impact and swing close electionsApply here.
Next Generation Conservatives is part of a nationwide movement of young people who are ready to defend the freedom we have in the United States of America.  We seek to energize young people to volunteer for conservative candidates and causes and to encourage them to become more politically involved for the glory of God.

Next Generation Conservatives are young people who...
  • Believe that conservatism is not dead, but that is is alive and growing, especially in the minds of our youth.
  • Believe that the Biblical values our country was founded on are worth fighting for.
  • Believe that with God's help, young people, many of whom can't even vote yet, can have a big impact on our culture and in politics.

The FreedomsDefenders.com team, which runs this website, is made up entirely of teenage youth and we have a special passion to energize our generation of conservatives.  As a result of that passion, we've launched this site - representing a nationwide movement of young people who are fighting for conservative values.

To learn more about what we stand for, go to www.freedomsdefenders.com/platform.

Our vision for Next Generation Conservatives is preparing and equipping our generation as a conservative grassroots army, not only in elections but also by encouraging young people to contact their elected representatives both at the state and federal levels and to support conservative causes in their communities and across the nation.