Meet the Next Generation

These are comments from young people who signed the "From America's Youth: Reject the UN CRPD" petition.

Victory: I'm not old enough to vote, but you are. Please consider my future and the future of coming generations by rejecting the CRPD treaty. Thank you.

Kyla: I am against this treaty because it will take away parental choice on what is best for their child.
Nigel: Please, preserve for my generation the same freedoms you grew up with and enjoyed.

Elissa: This treaty won't help Americans with disabilities. The US already enforces laws to protect Americans with disabilities, including children.

Elise: I believe that parents care more about their children with disabilities than the U.N. ever can, and that the U.N. therefore has no right to take away the authority of those who know best how to care for their children, who are those closest to them, parents and grandparents.